Software Engineering & IT

We provide innovative solutions across the entire software development life cycle, from creating and integrating new software to maintaining existing software.

Our experience with developing and maintaining many types of software gives us the flexibility to match our approach to each client’s individual needs, whether that’s working with commercial software and open-source software to reduce cost, creating entirely custom software solutions for specific applications, or improving and extending the capabilities of an existing system. We leverage software development methods such as Agile to respond to change quickly and efficiently—saving our clients valuable time and money. Additionally, we use evaluation hardware and hardware abstraction with emulation and simulation for parallel development of software and hardware, improving time to market.

  • Embedded software and firmware
  • Desktop software
  • Web software
  • Mobile software
  • Internet of things (IOT)
  • IEC 62304 and DO-178
  • Digital vehicle architecture
Software Engineering services

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