Robotics & Unmanned Systems

The robotics and unmanned systems market is accelerating as never before because of technological advancements that have given rise to new autonomous applications and increasing demand for more advanced systems. This demand crosses a wide variety of use cases and industries.

ALTEN Technology has the experience to assist our partners with system-level integrations, power sourcing and controls, data systems and processing, payload development, and design for production manufacturing. Our development process allows us to develop projects quickly and manage interconnected dependencies by defining technical scope and identifying technical risks early in the development process.


  • Defense
  • Medical/surgical robotics
  • Industrial robotics & automation
  • Social and commercial-assistive robotics
  • Ground control and communications
  • Ground robotics
  • Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV)

Robotics & Unmanned Systems Case Studies


Hidden Costs of Product Development: Achieving Product Excellence Within Budget


Predicting ROI for product development projects is challenging because three types of unexpected or unplanned costs often erode margins. Effectively preventing these hidden costs is key to ensuring your projects are successfully completed within budget.

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Engineering Support for Next-Generation Data Collection Hardware and Software


ALTEN Technology designed, integrated into production, and supported field deployment of new data collection hardware and software.

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Quadcopter Airframe Optimized for Reliability, Manufacturing, and DFX


ALTEN Technology optimized the quadcopter airframe design in preparation for FAA type certification for beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) drone operation while meeting DfX targets.

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Real-Time Object Detection Application for Live Video Capture on a Nvidia TX1/TX2


ALTEN Technology developed an object detection system capable of capturing live 4K video with output video overlaying boxes on detected objects.

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Port RTOS-Based Application and Peripherals for Updated GCS


ALTEN Technology updated an existing real-time operating system (RTOS)-based application to run on Linux and increased product longevity.

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