The automotive industry is at a tipping point. The shift toward more advanced driver-assistance systems, vehicle electrification, autonomous vehicles, and more efficient commercial vehicles requires companies to rethink their new product offerings while balancing the needs of existing product lines.

ALTEN Technology has helped our clients achieve success in a wide range of automotive projects, including supporting traditional automotive original equipment manufacturers and tier 1 suppliers as well as incorporating systems for driver assistance, vehicle electrification, connected vehicle, in-vehicle infotainment, and more across the product life cycle. While we can support clients across the US, our delivery centers have an in-house design studio to address your interior, exterior, and chassis mechanical design needs as well as embedded software and electrical engineering expertise for vehicle connectivity and autonomy.


> Original equipment manufacturer (OEM)

Passenger vehicles

Commercial vehicles and heavy equipment

Autonomous vehicles


> Studio concept design


Digital modeling

Tier 1 suppliers
Vehicle electrification

Automotive Case Studies


Mechanical Engineering: Interior, Exterior, Closures, and Chassis


ALTEN Technology supported our electric vehicle client by developing several components for its global (US and UK) van and bus platforms, including components for the interior, exterior, closures, and chassis compartments.

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Autonomous Vehicle Start-Up (Level 5 Autonomy)


ALTEN Technology is a long-term partner (since the early concept phase) to our client that is developing a bidirectional level 5 autonomous vehicle.

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Fully Electric Pickup, Lifestyle, and Delivery Vehicles


ALTEN Technology supported multiple aspects (including exterior, packaging studies, assembly sequence and serviceability studies, industrialization) of the development of new, fully electric pickup, lifestyle, and delivery vehicles.

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Improving the Freight-Hauling Efficiency of a Heavy-Duty Tractor-Trailer


ALTEN Technology supported the development of the cab, chassis, and electrical system of our client’s project to improve the freight-hauling efficiency of heavy-duty tractor-trailer trucks.

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Heavy-Duty Truck Cab Face-Lift Work Package


ALTEN Technology served as a product development partner to our client for its cab engineering face-lift project for the exterior, interior, and body in white.

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Managing a Fleet of Autonomous Vehicles with Simulation and Algorithms


ALTEN Technology designed and supported the development of prototype transport simulation and reinforcement learning algorithms used to manage a fleet of autonomous vehicles.

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