Reach your engineering goals and not your limits

We are your reliable source for engineering talent.

ALTEN Technology is an engineering services company with decades of experience supporting leading aerospace and defense companies on projects ranging from aircraft electric starter generators to reusable launch vehicle engines.

We provide high-performance, high-quality engineering support, including surge support, to help propel your programs to completion. We’re a globally approved supplier with nearly 800 engineers already supporting you worldwide, so we’re ready to ramp up quickly to provide talent for your largest programs. We are your source of consistent and reliable engineering talent with the ability to deliver even the most niche technical skill sets.

If your engineers are bogged down managing the vast amount of data required for aerospace development, our product data management (PDM) experts can help. We’ll free up your engineers to focus on their core competencies while our PDM experts ensure that everyone has access to organized, accurate, high-quality data when they need it to enable impactful decisions.


Read the case studies below to see how we have supported our aerospace and defense clients on their quest to increase their product development capacity.

Design and Stress Activities on
Powerplant Structures

Large Turbofan

FPGA Code Development for an Aircraft
Electric Starter Generator

Lean & Continuous Improvement Engineering Support to Analyze and Optimize Operations

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